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Trouble Shooting

The African contintinent has several thousand nautical miles of coastline which separate the Atlantic from the Indian Ocean. For much of the year, though particularly during winter time, large parts of these Oceans become extremely trecherous and hostile to shipping resulting in the damage and loss of many hundreds of vessels both large and small. Aside from the loss of human life, the financial cost is also significant. Our proven track record as a company able to provide rapid and emergency response 365 days a year has resulted and will continue to result in not just the recovery but the prevention of loss of large amounts of capital.


At Mitchell Cotts P&I Limited we have a large and highly experienced legal team, all of whom are expert in many types of law including Maritime law, thus allowing us to be able to offer you the full range of legal services you would expect. Investigation work, negotiation and settlement of claims are just a few of the ways in which we can help assist you. Our longstanding relationships with maritime experts, cargo undewriters and the like, mean we provide a service which is second to none.


It is not uncommon when docking in foreign ports for the masters or captains of vessels to find themselves at the center of any one of numerous potential disputes which require almost immediate rectification and intervention. Our legal experts in conjunction with contacts with staff in local maritime legal firms allows us to make a fast evaluation of the circumstances and provide the best and fastest solution. Africa in particular is well known for its wide ranging ship arrest provisions and we provide an essential to to owner and charters requiring urgnet guidance on how to deal with such arrests.


Many people fail to realise the true cost to the world shipping industry of stowaways. It is estimated by many industry analysists to be in the region of between 10 to 30 million dollars every year. At Mitchell Cotts P&I Limited we are able to offer assistance on a global basis to shipowners and clubs by providing an identification and documentation service. This is made possible through the relationships we have forged with local and overseas circles as well as a large international network of correspondents.


Our track record of successfully resolving disputes (legally-based or otherwise) is dependant for each and every case on a professioanl level of investigation along with the correct steps and procedures being followed at the time of the incident followed by factual survey reporting. Typically we appoint independent and experienced surveyors, chosen specifically for their expertise in the P&I arena, or where possible we use our own in-house team of experienced surveying professionals. Over the years we have been asked to send members of our survery team to a variety of locations, where their assistance and knowledge has proved invaluable. We maintain our own data base of information allowing us to give in-depth analysis on loss prevention issues.

Loss Prevention

Mitchell Cotts P&I Limited are committed to safety. Raising awareness of safety initiatives and targeting loss prevention measures helps control the increasing costs of claims and contributes to the avoidance of such claims. Condition surveys, management reviews, root cause analysis (RCA) , technical seminars and publications are part of the array of tools in use.

Crisis Control

We have the experience, expertise and man power to totally manage any major casualty that may beset one our customers. We are not only the local eyes and ears for information to be sent but also provide essential advice and assistance from our pool of resources.

Conflict Management

Due to the complexity of issues and number of different parites involved in any given situation, the Shipping Industry provides constant opportunity and potential for conflicts to arise. At Mitchell Cotts P&I Limited we act with total inpartiality and professionalism to ensure our customer's position is never compromised.

Areas of Expertise at a Glance

All types of condition surveys
Loading and outturn
Cargo damage
Hull and machinery
Crew injury
Casualty damage

Wreck removal and scrap proceeds
Provision of security, port entry
Salvage (Scopic) liabilities
Project cargo
Cargo theft and fraud
Container and equipment damage
On/off hire surveys, bunker surveys, draft surveys

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